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Fixperts shall carryout preventive as well as reactive maintenance jobs relating to:

  • Electrical supply, equipment and electrical distribution services.
  • Water supply, sanitary ware and drainage services.
  • Air conditioning supply and associated equipment services.
  • Supervised, uniformed technicians will attend all emergencies* within 60 Minutes of call, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

A preventive maintenance program will be provided in writing by Fixperts within 7 days of signing the contract. The PPM will be carried out twice for Electrical & Plumbing fixtures, and every three months for air-conditioners. The PPM is subject to change only if a prior notice of 72 hours is received from the customer. The PPM shall be deemed as cancelled if any notice is not received.

Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing

Services under this include:

  • Repair and/or replacement of mechanical & electrical equipment including distribution boards, circuit boards, circuit breakers, ELCB’s, light fittings,
  • control panels, switches & water-heaters
  • Repair of water pumps, which can be done on site
  • Repairing of external leaks in pipes
  • Cleaning of water tank once a year
  • Repair and replacement of sanitary-ware fittings and attention to drainage problems (please refer to spare parts/materials clause below in case of replacements)

Air Conditioning

A/C services of indoor and outdoor units shall be provided, which includes the following:

  • Cleaning of filters
  • Cleaning and checking of electrical components
  • Topping up of refrigerant gas (gas will be charged separately)
  • Belt replacement, lubrication and cleaning of drain lines
  • Placing of drain flow tablets in drip trays
  • Changing compressor oil and filters if necessary
  • Minor painting touch-up and minor repairs to insulation. (please refer to spare parts/materials clause below in case of replacements)
  • Pressure washing of coils (if required)

Reinstatement of walls or floors after maintenance works will be limited to base paint to closest match. Any wall coverings or other decoration are excluded.

Spare Parts/ Materials

Spare parts and materials are not covered under the scope of this annual maintenance contract. Such parts and/ or materials that are required to restore functioning of equipment or
system under the scope of work shall be used appropriately and will be charged at actual cost plus handling charge.


  • The following circumstances are considered emergency.
  • Total electricity failure/breakdown
  • Total air-conditioning failure/breakdown
  • Total water stoppage
  • Major leakage related to plumbing (e.g. water gushing out, major blockage of drainage, flooding etc)

AED 0.00AED 11,199.00

Classic Package

Classic Package
Starting from AED 3,000
  • One simple call provides easy scheduling
  • On-time arrival
  • Job is done right the first time
  • Wide variety of repair, maintenance, and improvements services
  • Our quality workmanship is guaranteed.

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