Sofa & Curtains Upholstery

Fixperts have newly introduced the supply and fixtures of all kinds of curtains, window blinds and sofa upholstery. These services arespecially available for villas, offices, apartments and hotel apartments. We are also providing customized furnishing solutions.We can serve your different blind and curtain needs throughout the UAE.

We have been successful in maintaining our impressive reputation as having the best value, widest range, and the most professional and helpful staff in the region. Our extensive range of curtains in UAE can suit both your needs and budget and help you make the interior look awesome. Easy to clean and maintain. The making of the product is done using the top quality raw materials, which ensure its elegance, durability and easy maintenance.

Why Curtains & Sofa Upholstery?

Buying a new furniture set cannot be a practical solution all the time. You shall start from scratch again -redefining your needs, re-evaluating the furniture and reconsidering other options.

If you find your furniture serving you just fine, you can keep it still. Better, you can dress them differently by changing cushion covers for a much better and stunning look. It will save your precious time, all the hassle you will need to go through in order to find the right set of furniture, and not to say about the amount of money you could save.

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