Pool Covers and Fences

Spend More Time In Your Pool And Less Time Cleaning It

Your swimming pool offers you, your family, and friends a great place to relax, exercise and beat the heat. But ask pool owners what they don’t like about pool ownership and chances are they will bring up maintenance.
While everyone wants a clean and tidy pool, few owners want to spend valuable leisure time fishing and scooping out leaves and other debris by using a net on a pole. It’s time consuming, hard work.

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Pool Fence – Designed and Installed with Safety in Mind

Our pool safety fence is specifically designed as a swimming pool barrier to help protect children from exposed open water by adding a layer of protection around your swimming pool. Our pool fencing system may also include self-latching, key-lockable, self-closing gates for additional convenience.

Our removable safety fences meet the European & American safety standards and also meet the safety criteria set by the local authorities. Hence, our fences are 1.2M / 4Ft high as is required by the international & national standards.

The salient features of our removable pool safety fences are:

  • The posts are made up of aircraft grade aluminum and the mesh is also the best quality available
  • The fence is heat stinted & mildew resistant
  • The paint is Powder Coated with Mat Finish
  • The aluminum posts have re-enforced twin beams to give it additional strength
  • It’s transparent in nature
  • It’s climb resistant
  • It comes in a variety of colors like: Beige, Brown, Black & Green
  • Our gates are self-closing & key lockable!
  • The entire fence is removable and can be put down or installed in minutes
  • It comes with a 10 Year warranty against bending, rusting & tearing due to normal usage (natural calamities & physical abuse excluded)

Installation/ Method Statement:

The installation of our pool safety fences requires patience, skill and experience. When installed professionally, a removable pool safety fence will look fantastic and provide an excellent layer of safety.

Layout: The installation process of our pool safety fence begins with the layout

After a careful review of the pool area, the pool deck is marked for drilling

Check for Cables and Pipes: Once the temporary marking is done, the marking is reviewed and deck is tested so as to avoid hitting any cables and pipes while drilling

Drilling: 1¼” holes are drilled approximately every 36 inches. These holes are drilled with a water-cooled core drill utilizing a diamond tipped core bit. The resulting hole is very precise

Sleeve Insertion: Plastic deck sleeves are placed into these holes which hold and support the pool safety fence poles. When the pool safety fence is not in use, deck plugs are placed into the deck sleeves to fill the holes

Deck Cleaning (Pressure Wash): After drilling and insertion of sleeves, we use a pressure washing machine to clean the site and remove all the debris and dirt from the site

Installation: After the holes are drilled the swimming pool safety fence can be installed into the holes. The removable pool safety fence comes in sections of about 15 feet long and in a variety of colors. These sections are connected together using spring loaded latches to make a continuous pool safety fence which either completely surrounds the pool area or runs from one side of the yard to other. It is critical that the swimming pool safety fence creates a barrier between the pool and all doors and windows.

A swimming pool safety fence that completely surrounds the pool will always be the safest layout option.

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